Exhibition Uwe Krahn and Nikola Tacevski 7.9.-12.10.2018

Two photographers with two different approaches but with a common goal. Uwe and Nikola are looking for something. Sometimes they find and then lose again. And so it goes round and round. One is looking for appeasment, other for belonging.

For more closer look and better understanding you can use chance and spand some time with photographers during “Photo breakfast” which we offer every Suterday and Sunday from 11am-1pm till the end of exhibition 12th Oct. 2018.


From May 1st, we have Uwe Krahn as "permanent guest".

Uwe Krahn start to present his work in NT photo atelier and gallery. First presentation of his work is project "White noise".  Maybe it is a personal diary or just miror of one emotional period of his life. "White noise" is white and empty but not peaceful or calm space. You are welcome to come to see his work and find answer or look what you cann see in this mirror.

All prints are analog and photographed with small plastic Diana-F wich increases that dreamy, uncertain feelings on each photo.


Carnival portrait seasson is open

Miriam and Oliver are big fans of Cologne Carnival and for sure one of the best suporters of my project "Self made Carnival Costumes". Some years ago I had a luck to meet Oliver on the street when he was wearing "lonely cat" costume. Or at least that was my feeling. Last year he came to my new atelier at Sülzgürtel 32 with his carnival partner. That time as bear couple. This year Miriam and Oliver went for Cologne Carnival as caracters from children fairy tails "Nutcracker" and "Pinocchio". Actualy, both caracters are made from wood. Here are some photos as result of their work and crativity. Many thans to Miriam and Oliver.


Self made Carnival Costumes

Many thanks to all of you who came last year to NT atelier wearing selfmade costume. Together we managed to make many strong, nice, funy and beautifull photos.

From February 3 to March 20 2018, you have the opportunity to take a look at the photos I have taken during that time but unfortuantely not all. This would not be possible without your ideas, your energy, time and patience you invest. Again thank you all!!
Although this is just second show of my long term project, I hope it will continue to grow in tradition. So again this year like the last one all those who come to NT atelier and gallery dressed in costumes and help the whole project will get the photos free of charge.
In advance, thank you for participating in any way - makeing great costume or just by editing radymade ones or just by shering informations about this event.



The theme of the show was again a carnival but with a different approach. More distant from carnival theme and more focused on events happening in the same scene and at the same time as a carnival. Like some underground world. With different emotions, different understandings and opposing goals.

Poster od the exhibition

Poster od the exhibition